Standard features for structural integrity, energy efficiency and more Window_Features

Imperial LS Windows from Soft-Lite are designed to be the most beautiful, best-performing windows made today. These products are
packed with unique features and the newest technology to ensure that they are truly the best investment you can make for your home.

  1. Fusion welded, uPVC frame and sashes provide long-lasting strength and durability. This material will never rot like wood windows or corrode like metal windows, and will require little to no maintenance.
  2. Balance cover provides a cleaner, more finished appearance.*
  3. Soft-Vent, when deployed, will limit sash travel while still allowing ventilation.
  4. UltraSmart™ triple-fin weather stripping— featuring Ultrafab® Tri-Fin® Gold Series gaskets with built-in Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection—wraps the sash perimeter and minimizes air infiltration.
  5. Endura-Force™ balance system ensures smooth, easy and maintenance-free operation on double hungs.
  6. Smooth-n-Easy integral lift rail features beautiful, yet comfortable, ergonomic design.
  7. Stainless steel Intercept® warm-edge spacer system (standard) significantly reduces condensation. Optional metal-free Super Spacer® offers enhanced thermal efficiency and other unique benefits.*

AAMA Gold Label

Soft-Lite Imperial LS Windows proudly carry the AAMA Gold Label, which means that they meet stringent performance standards for air, water and structural load.

Imerial_LS_Dura-SillImperial LS Dura-Sill Design

1 Comfort Foam™:
R-5 expanding polyurethane foam insulates sash and frame extrusions, improving overall thermal efficiency.

2 Ultra-Smart™ triple-fin weather stripping:
Located on all sashes and at the interlocking meeting rail, Ultra-Smart features Ultrafab® Tri-Fin® Gold Series gaskets with built-in Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection to minimize drafts, dust and pollen.

3 Structural interlock in bottom sash:
Our interlocking sill-sash rail keeps the sash in place against the sill dam weather stripping when the window is under extreme wind-load stress.

4 Soft-Seal™ straddle gasket:
Our Q-Lon® compression gasket system straddles the sill rail when the sash is locked shut to add barriers and diversions for exceptional water resistance.

5 Double-walled sill dam:
Tight, mortise-cut, double-wall sill dam extends inside the window mainframe for uniform strength and seal.

High-performance glass options for unparalleled energy efficiency

Soft-Lite® offers an array of technologically advanced insulating glass systems that can be tailored to best perform in your climate region. This ensures that your new Imperial LS Windows will provide the best possible thermal performance for your home, which will save you money on energy costs.

Below are several examples of the performance ratings that Imperial LS Windows achieve—but the possibilities for various glass, spacer and Low-E combinations are practically endless…double- or triple-glass configurations, Intercept® stainless steel spacer or the unique metal-free Super Spacer® system, and several different Low-E coatings. Ask your authorized dealer about the best glass option for your home.


Imperial LS Windows with highperformance glass qualify for the ENERGY STAR label—so they’ll help you save money on your energy costs, while protecting the environment.

Most Efficientenergy-most-efficient

Many Imperial LS Windows are ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient Products”—a new designation that recognizes the best of the best among ENERGY STAR qualified products.

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