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GREEN STAR walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing easier and healthier. Simply walk into the tub, close the door, and relax in a warm soaking bath or swirling whirlpool massage. Peace of mind and freedom to bathe in safety, comfort, and convenience appeals to people of all ages, and a plus for those with health conditions that require extra care, comfort and ease.

Preserve Your Independence with a Walk-In Tub
When it comes to bathing, independence is paramount. Today’s elderly, as well as many young folks with mobility limitations, face a very difficult dilemma: depend on others to help them stay clean or bath less (or not at all). Fortunately, there is another solution: Walk-In Tubs! A walk-in bath is an extremely valuable piece of safety equipment that can help you or a loved one maintain independence for many years to come. This bathtub is designed to be used by anyone with mobility problems so they can enjoy bathing without the need of assistance. 

Walk-in tubs provide peace of mind to anyone living alone. Falling in the bathtub is a fear that a person can have at any age no matter their mobility. The walk-in tub eliminates the fear of falling in your bathtub by giving you a safe place to sit comfortably and a nonslip floor to step onto while entering and exiting. Walk-in tubs can make living alone and independent a lot less worrisome. 

Because the walk in tub design is made for people who have mobility problems in mind, it has all the features and them some that provide a safe and relaxing bathing experience. The tub door opens and closes with ease to not only provide easy entry and exit but also wheelchair access and lift access. Grab bars can be installed to further aid you in getting in and out of the bathtub. You also have the hydrotherapeutic features to choose from, such as whirlpool and air jets that will boost your health while relaxing your leg and back muscles. While your independence and confidence is restored, you will enjoy all the benefits of a spa treatment every day.

Bathing Made Safe, Easy, & Accessible
Say goodbye to the dangers of bathing. Regular bathtubs have slippery floors and a dangerous wall that makes it downright impossible for anyone with a limited mobility to enter or exit safely and easily! For those of us who have difficulty stepping over the sides of regular bathtubs or have fears of falling while bathing, the walk-in tub design has revolutionized bathing for us forever! Now we can simply open a watertight door, step in, and sit down for the safest and most enjoyable bathing experience. 

All walk-in tubs feature a low entry, large walk-in tub door that eliminates the need to step over into the tub for a safe and easy entry. The door is what makes this bathtub safe and easy to access. There is no straining or struggling to get in or out of the tub, giving people who thought they would never be able to enjoy the luxury of bathing again the safety and accessibility they deserve. The walk-in tub doors are designed for maximum durability, reliability, and waterproof performance for life!

Everything about our walk-in tubs is designed to give you the freedom to bath on your own in safety, comfort and convenience. Our walk-in tubs are available with specialty features such as nonslip floors, whirlpool and air jets, the Quick Drain™, chromatherapy, grab bars, neck rest and much more. Yet even without the optional features, our standard walk-in tubs still offer safer, healthier and more accessible bathing experiences.

Minute Drain™
Before you purchase a walk-in bathtub, be sure its design includes the Minute Drain™ otherwise you will be stuck waiting longer for your walk-in tub to drain. This must have bath feature is a powerful user operated pump that drains tubs 8 times faster than the standard drain. The pump does not require extra plumbing, is equipped with a safety suction valve, and is activated easily with the touch of a button. Installed in the factory, Minute Drain does not require any additional plumbing and easily ties into the existing drain. With an innovative walk-in bath from GREEN STAR you can exit when you

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